College Academic Writing And Critical Thinking Essay

988 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
As a Nursing major, I have learned that excelling in college academic writing and critical thinking is essential to succeed in the health care profession. Over the course of this semester I have made tremendous changes to my way of thinking as a writer; such as my skills of critical analysis significantly improving. It was quite evident to myself that writing was a weakness for me throughout high school, and struggled with the confidence to believe in my writing. Typically, I focused most of my attention to the high school five-paragraph essay format, which constricted my initial objective. Thus, I tended to divert the attention from the actual imperative meanings of my papers. Improvements I have made in my writing and critical thinking skills have enabled me continuously question the purpose of the paper on several different levels. In favor of exploring all contents of the paper including; outcomes, digital literacy, communication, quantitative analysis, and civil disclosure. Upon completion of the course, I have learned how influential the power of writing and language can be in any career. Most importantly, the outcomes that have helped me transition my strategies and techniques to academic writing have been immense. Most importantly, focusing on the structure, tone, mechanics, voice, and level of formality of the paper. I have been able to incorporate and understand the genre conventions into my writing, which has enabled me analyze multiple ideas in a text. Along…

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