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Andrea Austin
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The Collector of Treasures

The social imbalances between men and women are evident in the story “The Collector of Treasures.” While the woman struggles for her own individual freedom, the man embraces his and neglects his duties as a father and husband. Freedom is not being alone, without responsibility. It is being loved and storing treasures of friendship throughout life. A woman can never be free if she knows her husband is always getting drunk and sleeping around. Similarly, a man cannot experience freedom if his wife loves another or shows bitterness. The traditions of the tribes in this story have been shaken by an increase in wages; men now have more money to spend on alcohol
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102) All Dikeledi really wanted was a father for her children.

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Everything she did was for her kids, and everything Garasego did was for himself. One small gesture towards the boys could have saved his life. He didn’t pay attention to his wife either, and perhaps a smile or a “thank you” would have changed her mind. Dikeledi’s decision to murder her husband was based on his arrogance and lack of concern for anyone but himself. She had married him only to get away from her cruel uncle, but this escape turned out to be no better than her first home. She had not experienced true love from a man, and this made her resentful of men in general, with kindhearted Paul as an exception. After Garasego’s bath, he fell asleep quickly and deeply. Dikeledi “grasped hold of his genitals and cut them off with one stroke.” (p. 103)
There are millions of ways to murder someone. Why Dikeledi chose this particular way is difficult to pinpoint. She may have been demoralizing him by taking away the one thing that makes him a man, that separates him from her. She could be upset at the numerous times he cheated on her, and perhaps derived closure from knowing he would never be able to deceive her again. This could also be symbolic of her hatred of all men; she’s had nothing but trouble from them all her life. After the murder, her son is stirred and frightened. She commands him to turn her in. I find this strange because she could have run and

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