Collective Identity, By Alberto Melucci Essay

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Introduction Collective identity as described by Alberto Melucci (1995) is said to be “an interactive and shared definition produced by several interacting individuals who are concerned with the orientation of their action as well as the field of opportunities and constraints in which their action takes place.” Collective identity, like many concepts begin with an initial idea that forms an understanding and purpose of the forming of a group. Collective identity is the ideology of belonging to a certain group and sharing the same concepts and beliefs. Collective identities can describe many different forms of groups/organizations. How a strong collective identity is built, will be analyzed through the processes that are made in the establishment of a collective identity and how there can be negative and positive consequences from it. Several examples including will be used to showcase and highlight the workings of a collective identity. Social movements will be important examples to draw upon how collectives can create positive change in society and how extreme negative collectives can create negative changes in society.

Alberto Melucci (2009, pg44) stated that collective identity is the process of which an action system is constructed. Many individuals who share the same ideals may not necessarily be called a collective identity or feel they belong to a certain group. Through his ideals he has constructed a process and pattern on how collective identities…

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