Collapse : The And Economic Problems That Societies Encounter During Their Development

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Part B Anthropology 6) Collapse In Collapse Jared Diamond addresses the environmental and economic problems that societies encounter during their development. Diamond makes it very clear that no society is safe from a collapse and that the problems that societies face should not be underestimated or the results could be catastrophic (Diamond 2011:2). The definition that Diamond gives for a collapse is “a drastic decrease in human population size and /or political/economic/social complexity over a considerable area, for an extended period of time” (Diamond 2015:3). Diamond provides his readers with examples of many different societies and cultures that he believes to be interconnected through their fates and eventual downfalls. Different cultures may be on different sides of the world or they may have flourished thousands of years apart, but they collapsed for very similar reasons. The Norse survived in Greenland for 450 years while facing a difficult environment and climate, limited food, and competition with the Inuit. Thousands of miles away in Southeastern Mexico the Mayan civilization thrived, but eventually collapsed just as the Greenland Norse did. Diamond refers to the past as a “rich database” for our future success as a society. If we want to survive we must look to the past in order to learn how civilizations like the Greenland Norse and the Maya collapsed in order to prevent ourselves from falling for the same traps (Diamond 2011:3). Diamond has studied…

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