Collapse Of The Mayan Civilization Essay

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Register to read the introduction… It order to meet their short term needs they adopted unsustainable methods of farming and logging which led to a dramatic increase in forest clearance and erosion (Diamond, 2005). Due to the variations in recorded levels of drought amongst the city-states, experts propose anthropogenic deforestation played a significant role in the climate shift. The effects of heavy deforestation are raised temperatures and less rainfall due to disruptions in the water cycle (Shaw, 2003) which may have led to a “man-made drought” (Diamond, 2005, p169).
Tho the Mayans were incredibly innovative in creating artificial reservoirs to see them through a dry season but they were un-prepared for sustained periods of drought. The lack of such as crucial resource could have led to disease, desertion, social and political turmoil and perhaps even civil war (Webster,
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