Collaborative School Learning Environment For The School Environment

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Collaborative School Learning Environment
In order for the learning environment to be successful for all stakeholders involved, efforts to initiate and foster collaboration must be made throughout the entire school. If used effectively, collaboration between staff, faculty, families, and community can lead to undeniable gains in student learning and success. However, if collaboration is not supported throughout the school environment, it may end up becoming detrimental. Therefore, it is critical that the learning environment of the school not only promote the collaborative process, but continuously support it.
Over the course of the past semester, I have observed tremendous amounts of successful collaboration within the school in which I will complete my student teaching experience. Throughout the school day, my cooperating teacher works closely with several other individuals in order to ensure students are successfully supported in learning. Within this second grade classroom, there are 7 students classified as English language learners. As a result, the classroom teacher and students work extensively with an ELL teacher. During English language arts, writing, and integrated unit of study blocks of instruction, the ELL teacher pulls individual or groups of students to “supplement and support what is happening in the classroom, mainly in regards to literacy” (E.K., personal communication, November 29th, 2016). As further support, the school offers a physical environment…

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