Collaborative Leadership : Best Type Of Leadership Essay example

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Collaborative leadership the best type of leadership? The most effective style of leadership for a business to succeed is Collaborative. To understand why Collaborative leadership is the best you have to understand all the ideas of it. The main idea of collaboration idea “is the approach that the power is greatest in a collective team.”(tutorialspoint). This idea that power is, more of a group thing to help the employees because nobody feels that one person is a dictator or won’t listen to anybody’s ideas (tutorials point). Aisha AL-Fattah says they encourage equal participation from all levels and take a team approach to getting ideas(linkedin). Collaborative is focusing on the sharing of information and ideas. Jartse says they want everyone to be educated and on the same page about what is going on with the business(incentive). Alisha says that knowing most of the information plays a role in the idea generating for people because they can know all of the information and come up with more ideas to share(linkedin). Gathering the information and everyone coming up with ideas helps to build chemistry with each other in a business, and that makes for a great business that can come up with different ideas that make the business problems manageable(tutorialspoint). The ability to problem solve is another manger advantage with collaborative leadership. Aisha wrote that problems are thought of by the employees and management while the management helps make it easier for the…

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