Collaboration : A Important Part Of The Discourse Community Project

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Collaboration is the process of working together with others to improve a piece of writing. It is a process in which others revise one’s original work and give the author advise on how to edit their piece of writing. Different perspectives are shared and taken into consideration, thus allowing the author to get a fresh pair of eyes on their writing other than their own. It is a very important step when completing a paper because it helps us be able to see the improvements needed to be made that we might not have noticed.

Project 1:
Collaboration was a very important part of the discourse community project, especially since it was our first project and all of us, students, wanted others to give us feedback to make sure we were doing it right. The first collaboration I took part in was the peer review that we that we did in class. Sharing my ideas with my classmates made me realize what was still missing in my project. It helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of my project, as well as how to further improve the project as a whole. After peer review I found that some of the strengths in my project was my idea of how to organize my discourse community website, therefore, I left my layout the same. My weakness was that my project was not attention worthy. It was not enough to grasp the reader’s attention and on top of that I was being very vague. Hence, I added more pictures to my project in order to make it visually attractive. I also edited some of my writing to…

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