Colin Trevorrow's Roles Of Women And Women In The Jurassic World Film

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Colin Trevorrow one of the Hollywood director making a lot of money from the film, who have the support of other successful male director in the industry helps mentoring him that he successful make 1.6 billion dollars from direct and co-write the Jurassic world movie. Trevorrow discriminate women by saying that women do not have the desire to direct studio blockbusters and his film also featuring as a cold career woman. In fact, men were easily successful, whether to Hollywood studio, agents, financing and big paycheck and avoid women direct that will break the norm. Leslye Headland a writer and director who inspire by Trevorrow work and achievement, but want to make films that will featuring female character like the male character to inspire …show more content…
Female director only makes up a small percentage from 100 top-grossing film, which it could be zero due to them slipping backward because men’s domain in the industry such as in screenwriter, editor, and executive producer. Hollywood believe to brew fear and sexism, which women working in the industry make less money than men and women find it difficult to speak out. Women are discriminate for not succeeded in making movies because they have not tried hard enough in fact, women and color people were not accepted and hired in the industry because they do not meet the certer in gender and race that similar as the domain group. There are successful female working for this industry, but they are not recognized by the industry and forgot. Even the foreign market favor male player more than female and a female director is uncommon there and if there is one the industry would try to resist because they believing that women lead would flop …show more content…
Which the interpation of these behaviors are varied in gender, if a man is crying its view that he has a sensitive reaction, but for women is a shameful weakness that she displays and unsuitable behavior. Many female directors started off fast as they obtain the job, but stumbled before they get the chance to get a great project. Even among women there still bias toward other women blaming that is women’s fault for not prepared to make the movie good, but women are just discriminated for not acting like their male peer, such as aggressive. The expectation that women need to be better or twice the better than men to get recommend or recognize by the industry. So how can a women are not able to make a film that man would like when it’s, in fact, they want something that will reflect to their muscularity self. Women also scared that they are going to flop and they do it is going to be annoying, embarrassing and incriminating, which this kind of thought could explain struggle the many women go through in her career path in

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