Colin Kaepernick Character Traits

Colin Kaepernick

On November 3rd, 1987, a superstar was born. He would go on to dazzle on a national spotlight in front of millions. Breaking NFL records, and bringing his team within 7 yards of football immortality. Colin Kaepernick was born to Heidi Russo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Only 19 at the time, with no father in the picture, she gave her newborn away at 5 weeks to the Kaepernicks. She was introduced to the Kaepernicks by a mutual friend.
Colin was drawn to sports at a young age. The Kaepernicks moved to Turlock, CA when Colin was 4. The Kaepernicks were able to give Colin what his birth mother could not: the chance at team sports. He felt a natural attraction to the mound, where many saw his god given talent to pitch. At the age of 8, he also joined youth football, where he was used in any situation, until the coaches saw his incredible arm talent.
Although he showed his talent early, Colin had trouble outside of sports. He is a
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The kid who turned down multiple baseball opportunities, to play football. The Super Bowl was elusive to most NFL Quarterbacks, only 2 got to play in it a year, and here was one of the youngest to do it, Colin Kaepernick. After taking the starting job early in the season, he had brought them where no one thought they would be.
After a not so stellar 1st half, the 49ers looked to be doomed as the 3rd quarter opened up with a 108 yard kick return for a score, leaving them down 28-6. Before the 49ers would get to try and retaliate, the lights in the Mercedes-Benz Dome went out, leaving many
Witzak 5 players and fans puzzled. After a half hour of waiting, the lights came back on, but not only the lights came back to life, but so did the 49ers. Colin Kaepernick came into the came, and began to light it up, throwing a quick 31 yard touchdown pass to Crabtree, slimming the deficit to 28-13. They had work to do, but Colin rallied his team to a few

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