Essay Colgate Max Fresh : Global Brand Roll Out

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Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll-Out

1. Assess the CMF launch in the US market.
The launch in the US was a safe launch—harnessing an already trendy/popular fresh breath technology and piggybacking on a successful US launch of Listerine Breath Strips as well as Crest brand’s “Crest + Scope”. CMF also capitalized on the consumer desire for cosmetic benefits – highlighting the “freshness and whitening” aspects of their product. CMF used a safe and economical option that held a high probability of success in the US.
It contributed to Colgate’s record share in 2004, successfully trading existing Colgate consumers to a higher-priced premium brand. After CMF was launched, value share went to 34.8% in the U.SS. market. In addition, CP wisely used mini breath strips as a component of Colgate Max Fresh as it had already enjoyed good success within the US market.

2. Were CP China’s changes to the CMF marketing launch program justifiable?
All companies need to make adaptations to be successful in foreign markets. This was especially true with CMF, particularly with the cultural differences between the United States and China. With one of the most important aspects of marketing being to ‘know your customer’, the changes, specifically pertaining to usage of the words “breath strips” and “cooling crystals” were justified for the CMF launch in China. While the numerous changes significantly increased the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), and the high profile celebrity representation…

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