Colgate Case Study

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In India, Oral care is moving towards Premiumisation, where in olden days they used to use Natural item like coal, salt, neem stick to paste and now with floss, with many premium variants being launched by many top players in the market during 2015-16. Much of this premiumisation was driven by market leader Colgate-Palmolive India. Many launches happened within toothpaste, inline with the company’s strategy like Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Repair toothpaste and Colgate Visible White etc. These products have a combined share of 7% of the overall toothpaste market, thus following Colgate to participate in the previous herbal wave as well as in the current one.

In Year 2015 Colgate Had a healthy Market share of 56.5 %. With
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In recent circumstances, technology plays an important role in decision making; especially in advertising the technology plays a very high role. Television advertisements inducing the consumer’s mind for decision making, especially kid’s advertisement for toothpaste making the kids to influence their parents to buy a particular brand. Other kind of advertisements in magazines, newspapers also influence the people. Advertising is a strong medium for consumer to select toothpastes. Celebrity endorsements also influence consumers in their decision making process; attractive banners on the road sides attracts consumers to select a particular …show more content…
In the 1840s, the firm began selling individual cakes of soap. In 1857, William Colgate passed away and the company was restructured as "Colgate & Company" under the management of Samuel Colgate, his son.

Political Factors: Political factors play a vital role for the business prevailing in the country. If the government is inactive then the company advances at a standard rate but the other way round, a drastic fall can be seen.

Economical Factors: Another important external force that directly affects our decisions is the economic variation. If a country experiences inflation then it will have a negative impact on the businesses running in that country. So our product is directly influenced by this factor.
Example: when GDP increases aggregate demand increases people’s consumption power increases so products become

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