Colgate And Its Core Competencies Essay

937 Words Oct 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Colgate-Palmolive uses its core competencies in order to attain a sustainable competitive advantage. The Colgate Company is already an established, leading brand in the oral health care. It offers high-quality products with well-known and recognizable label. The company’s innovation in products and efficiency in production not only allows for a wide variety of oral hygiene goods, making Colgate one stop brand, but also help maintain solid financial success. Colgate’s proven strategies create a global community of loyal brand users. With the internet expansion, Colgate became a boundary-less organization. The positive reviews give the Colgate company a desirable reputation among vendors, suppliers, and retailers. However, to increase the core competencies and to make the marketing effort more effective, company will combine new technologies and some of the systems tools in order to increase the level of customer retention, cross sales, up sales, get additional referrals, thus increase organization’s bottom line. The Colgate will take advantage of Customer Relation Marketing software system to make “sense of the vast amounts of customer data that technology allows firms to collect”, (Kurtz, 2016, p.352). Through the CRM data analysis and visualization tools, company will learn things about their consumers, create a relationship with them according to firm’s mission and goals. The efficiency of the CRM system will also allow to reduce response time to client’s inquiries,…

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