Colgan Air Crash Case Study

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How to Implement the Recommendations from the Colgan Air Crash The most important part of any accident investigation is the list of recommendations that come from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). While these recommendations are suggestions, they are designed to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. The “lessons learned” are critical to the work of the NTSB. The Aviation Accident Report (AAR-10-01) issued twenty-five recommendations related to this flight. The following recommendations are cited from this source ( According to the AAR-10-01, the first recommendation was Safety Recommendation A-10-010. The accident report listed loss of control on approach as the probable cause. This first recommendation was to the FAA and was to require that the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 121, 135, and 91K operators review their standard operating procedures to verify that they are consistent with the flight crew monitoring techniques described in Advisory …show more content…
The NTSB was pleased that the airline operators took the recommended action without waiting for FAA action. Therefore, the recommendation is classified as CLOSED - ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATE ACTION. While this had a satisfactory outcome, other recommendations were not widely accepted. A-10-022 requested training on stalls that are unexpected and involve autopilot disengagement. While the FAA is doing work in this area with Flight Simulation Training Devices, the NTSB is not satisfied and has classified it as OPEN -UNACCEPTABLE RESPONSE. A-10-23 deals with pusher-equipped aircraft and has an OPEN - UNACCEPTABLE RESPONSE. A-10-24 makes suggestions regarding stall recovery training requirements. This has been classified CLOSED - ACCEPTABLE

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