Cold War Propaganda

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For over four decades the United States and the Soviet Union were in a state of political and military tension (1947-1991). This time period is known as the Cold War. The United States objective coming out of World War Two was to help the rest of the world gain stability and bring liberty, equality and most importantly democracy to struggling nations. Meanwhile the Soviet Union plan was contradicting to the American form of government, democracy. The Soviet Union looked to expand communism throughout the world during the Cold War. These two opposite forms of government led to increased tension between the two power houses and brinkmanship many times throughout the four decades. With all of the political controversy the two nations needed support from their own citizens. Both Soviet Union and the United States used propaganda to persuade their respective country for support throughout the Cold War. One example in which the Soviet Union used propaganda was by publishing a cartoon of Uncle Sam walking down a road on stilts that were nuclear, that read "A Road To Peace." The Soviet Union wanted their citizens to see the United States and a serious threat not only to the USRR but also to the world. The United States also used propaganda during the Cold War in various ways. One poster read "Is This Tomorrow...America Under Communism," and had Americans …show more content…
Paul, Minnesota in 1947. This illustration was created to put fear into Americans, reminding them of the Civil War and how hostility in a country only creates negative outcomes. At the bottom of this drawing in words are "America Under Communism." The illustrator wants the audience to see that if America is taken over by communism the citizens will turn on each other and America will defeat

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