Essay on Cold Mountain Book Review

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Cold mountain book review Cold Mountain is a historical novel during the civil war and two people who love each other are caught in the middle of it. Inman is a damage war soldier takes a journey across america after being injured in a battle and now tries to find the woman she loves Ada a young farmer girl. While Inman was in the hospital mainly looking out the window staring at the mountains.The view brought old memories from his past back home in black cove with his love Ada. He didn 't want go back home because he was injured in the neck and was damaged by the war. Inman was also damaged by the men that were lost and he never forgot the battle where he was injured. In the war he was behind the wall believed they were protected because no Federal where making over but the Federals made it over and did not end well . Later during the battle when all the fighting was over Inman went onto the battlefield to see all the injured men. Back at the hospital one day Inman woke up and went for walk even tho he was feeling better he been acting like he was in so much pain in front of the doctors, he would not have to go back to virginia and be in the war. Inman had a friend name swimmer who told him many things one thing a man 's souls can die but the body can live that how Inman has been feeling. Swimmer also told Iman about cold mountain and a man soul can be fix their. So when he was on his walk that 's all he thought about cold mountain. The story switches to Ada a…

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