Essay about Cold Blood By Truman Capote

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Imagine reading a book detailing the senseless slaying of four innocent lives and actually feeling sorry for the brutal killers. The book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote illustrates the murdering of the Clutter Family. The book appears to be a tell all about the killers’ and how their backgrounds and family history played a key role in how they got the title of cold blooded killers’. The Clutters were what some would call the perfect american family. They seemed to have everything that anyone could ask for. Even though the Clutters didn 't do any wrong to others they could not stop the wrong that was done to them. Truman Capote wants the readers to feel sorry for the killers’. He wants readers to sympathize with them so the readers get an understanding of what they were really like. Capote humanized the killers by providing overwhelming background knowledge, describing their families, and showing insight into their dreams and aspirations. Perry Smith was born on October 27, 1298. In Huntington, Nevada. He was the son of Flo Buckskin and Tex John Smith. Perry also had three other siblings who he was somewhat close with. He had two older sisters named Barbara Smith and Joy Smith. He also had a brother whose name was James Smith. Perry had what most would call a very abnormal childhood. His parents were very famous rodeo performers and Perr and his siblings would get the chance to ride along with his parents and siblings. Yet life on the road did not seem to be the most…

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