Cold Blood, By Truman Capote Essay

1199 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
When we think of murderers we often think of maniacal and evil individuals. Through the way that many works of literature and cinematic pieces depict murdered, we often see them as absolute evils. Murderers are flawed humans, albeit more than usual, they are not the absolute evil in fall in more of a gray area. Within Truman Capote’s novel, In Cold Blood, readers get an in-depth look at a pair of murderers and are able how one can fall down such a wicked path. In his novel, Capote recounts the events of 1959, when four members of the Clutter Family were murdered and the investigation that followed. A major focus of this novel, however not the murder itself, but the two murderers themselves, Richard “Dick” Hitchcock and Perry Smith. Going in-depth in their personal lives, the novel gives us a chance to see matters from their perspectives. For the most part Capote does an excellent job depicting the entire ordeal, however biases are hard things to put aside. Capote’s bias is apparent when dealing with the duo of murderers, and depicts Perry in a kinder light compared to Dick. Using their contrasting backgrounds, highlighting their differing sentiments towards their crime, and the choice in exhibiting the murder from Perry’s perspective all help drive this sentiment. Capote dedicates a great portion of his novel recounting some of Perry’s and Dick’s childhood, however the manner in which their early lives were depicted is quite different. The way Dick’s and Perry’s early…

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