Essay about Coke Vs. Pepsi Of India

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Coke vs. Pepsi in India
1.) The Indian government was unfriendly to foreign investors, because outside investment was only allowed in high-tech regions and the other areas of India were discriminated. Indian laws required that Pepsi entered the market under “Lehar” name and Coca-cola had to join Parle. They could forecast the level of corruption that is present in India, and reduce the difficulties that they faced after entering the market. The contamination problem couldn’t have foreseen, but they shouldn’t have stayed silent during the legal process because it is seen as a sign of guilt.
2.) Coca-Cola entered the market few years after Pepsi entered. While Coke was being denied from entering the market, Pepsi 's was being allowed which gave them the running start in the market. I think it would seem that Pepsi would benefit from getting a running start in the market; they were facing competition and a market that didn 't typically consume soda products. Once Coca-Cola entered the market, one of the competitors was ready to compete and deal with Coke while Pepsi struggled.
3.) Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola have successfully attempted to take in their products to the tastes and preferences of India. As an advertisement and sponsorship method, both companies have partnered with movies, cricket and music. These three entertainment businesses are very popular in India. Something that has set Pepsi and Coca-Cola apart from other companies in the food industry is partnering with other…

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