Cohabitation Is Beneficial Or Beneficial? Essay

735 Words Oct 12th, 2016 3 Pages
When imagining the perfect wedding, the atmosphere is filled with children 's laughter, terrible jokes, and nervous excitement. An individual may continue this vision with two beautiful little children in the arms of the love of his/her life. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, for some couples, what had started as a dream resulted in a nightmare. For other couples, this was not their future dream to begin with. Cohabitation can either prevent the nightmare or be the future dream itself. This act allows for couples to move in together prior to getting married or after being engaged. Cohabitation is beneficial because it provides couples the opportunity to test out their relationship before committing to marriage, and is an alternative for couples who do not want to get married.
Most couples will cohabitate to give their relationship a ‘trial run’, before committing to marriage. To them, cohabitation can be used as a step in the right direction. While dating, people may only act in the relationship as he/she wants to be perceived, yet not actually how he/she behaves in reality. Cohabitation give couples the chance to explore how each one of their habits can impact the relationship. For instance, does one partner have a habit of holding how he/she feels inside? Does the one significant other party more often than the other prefers? Or, maybe one individual missed signs of alcohol addiction the other had while dating. An individual may also have specific financial…

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