Cohabitation Argumentative Essay

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Many emerging adults consider cohabitation in order to preventing and reducing the chance of divorce. However, the research shows that living together before marriage might increase divorce rates. And it says “cohabitation is neither the ideal nor the marriage equivalent that many emerging adults believe (BergerKathleen, 2014).” Cohabitation might cause negative effect between couples because they are not as committed to each other as they would be in marriage, it might make unstable relationship. Most couple who are cohabitants tend to consistently broke up and cause fighting both physically and verbally. Most emerging adults choose to cohabitation because they can save money by living together. From other research in 30 nations found that cohabitations were happier than married people depend on national …show more content…
However most emerging adults have different purposes of cohabitation such as keep their relationship, for recreation, or finance problems. If the relationship is not serious as marriage, their relationship might hard to consistent their relationship because they cannot understand each other as husband and wife. They are not legally couple and they might do not want to take every problem too seriously. Moreover, it might cause significant emotional stress, and also anxiety disorders because they have to live independently from lack of social support or they are less protected from their parents or spouses. Other country might different perspective of cohabitation. Most Europe countries have good political support for cohabitation for emerging adulthood. They prefer to cohabitation and happier than marriage people due to less financial problems. However, I think that most emerging adults did not fully socially independent from their parents and experience what is real society they are going to face. Immature adults might increase the emotional suffer and physical abuse through

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