Cohabitation And Traditional Marriage

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When imagining the perfect wedding, the atmosphere is filled with children 's laughter, terrible jokes, and nervous excitement. An individual may continue this vision with two beautiful little children in the arms of the love of his/her life. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, for some couples, what had started as a dream resulted in a nightmare. For other couples, this was not their future dream to begin with. Cohabitation can either prevent the nightmare or be the future dream itself. This act allows for couples to move in together prior to getting married or after being engaged. Cohabitation is beneficial because it provides couples the opportunity to test out their relationship before committing to marriage, and is an alternative …show more content…
Cohabitation provides an alternate option, because not everyone envisions his/her future consisting of the traditional marriage. One reason for this way of thinking may be, because one or both partners have had bad experiences with the idea of marriage. To them, marriage may not be the ultimate act of love. Secondly, a person may not believe in marriage because it might be an infringement on the individual’s identity; the idea of marriage could mean co-dependency or having a lack of freedom as an individual. Furthermore, couples may skip the whole idea of a wedding altogether because it might not be the best financial investment. Also, if a couple does decide to split, cohabitation gives people the freedom to back out of a relationship, without the level of complications in relation to a married couple. When cohabiting, both individuals are not bounded by legal documents, and legal processes which are notorious for taking lots of time. Cohabitation is also an easier option financially. After all, divorce can be time consuming and expensive in comparison to a lease. It is not to say, the emotional impact is less detrimental, although, it is a less serious commitment as opposed to marriage. Altogether, the individual or both partners may feel less guilty about leaving the relationship while cohabiting, rather than if they were in a marriage. Therefore, couples can use cohabitation to be intimate with one another, similar to a marriage, without having the pressure to get

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