Cohabitation And Its Effect On Society 's Attention Essay

1008 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
More than 60% of first marriages are now preceded by living together. Cohabitation has become the most common pathway to marriage. Through learning more about cohabitation, I have come to realize how troublesome this issue is in our society today. This trend needs to be brought to our society’s attention, so they can realize the impact it is making in our world. Once the issue is brought to the surface, individuals need to make an effort to change this trend. It has recently been brought to my attention just how much Cohabitation is affecting our culture and individual lives. I have always disagreed with cohabitation, but more from my moral standpoint. I know that living together with a member of the opposite sex before marriage is not biblical. For that reason, I have had the mindset that cohabitation should be stopped. However, this class has caused me to see the result of cohabitation and the consequences that come from it. I would agree that cohabitation looks a lot like marriage when lived out; however, it produces a very different result. For example, marriage is all about giving oneself, whereas cohabitation is about guarding oneself. This is most definitely a problem for the individuals involved. Cohabitating is a possibility for a future, where marriage is a commitment and promise for the future. Marriage is focused on the long term and what the future holds. However, cohabitation is simply focused on the present moment and what is easiest. It concerns me,…

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