Cognitive Therapy Vs Cognitive Therapy

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According to Rupke at the University of Human Medicine in Michigan, cognitive therapy has shown just as effective as and perhaps even more effective than the pharmacotherapy approach in treating depression. The success of cognitive therapy in treating depression is in that a risk of relapse in the patient is significantly decreased, as opposed to the risk of relapse in cases of discontinued medication. “A meta-analysis that included eight studies showed that 29.5 percent of patients treated with cognitive therapy relapsed compared with sixty percent of those treated with antidepressants.” (Rupke, 2006, p. 85) Cognitive therapy is also beneficial to those patients who chose to or cannot be medicated for depression.
Cognitive therapy seems to
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One of those disorders is the general anxiety disorder and those that fall under its umbrella such as social anxiety disorder. In the case of anxiety disorders a preferred approach is that of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy is “an empirically supported treatment for anxiety disorders. CBT treatments are based on disorder-specific protocols that have been developed to target individual anxiety disorders.” (Rector and Vincent, p. 301) Even though anxiety disorders frequently co-occur with other disorders, most commonly depression, CBT has been shown to be therapy of choice for this disorder; Cognitive-Behavioral therapy targets both the mood disorder and the anxiety …show more content…
In the case of social anxiety disorder, the cognitive-behavioral model asserts that “when people enter social situations, underlying dysfunctional assumptions and beliefs are activated that result in exaggerated perceived social danger.” (Rector and Man, p. 303) The perceived social danger causes the person to become increasingly anxious, which only results in the reinforcement of the perceived danger and becomes a cycle of anxious anticipation of the event and anxious feelings. An example of this thinking process is: “I feel like everyone is staring and me ant thinks I’m awkward, therefore I must be awkward.” Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is directed towards eliminating this thinking process in which the patient feels overwhelmed by his or her self-focused, judgmental and negative self-image thoughts; CBT guides the patient into replacing these irrational thoughts with more positive thoughts about the specific situations that the patient fears, in order to decrease the perceived danger of the situation and diminish the

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