Essay on Cognitive Therapies : Cognitive Behavioral Theories

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A set of loosely connected theories combine to make what is known as the cognitive-behavioral theories. The basis of the theory is to combine both approaches, cognitive and behavioral, to help people. There have been many studies on this theory which all lead to the effectiveness of cognitive therapies to treat problems of psychiatric, psychological, and medical basis. Aaron R. Beck, M.D (What is CBT | Beck Institute). Is known as the father of cognitive therapies. He studied and practiced psychoanalytic. In this area with a focus on depression, he found the opposite of what he expected. In short, Dr. Beck found that patients facing depression had “automatic thoughts” or cognitions that were either about themselves, the world, or the future. He helped these patients by having them address their thoughts and found that when this was done, patients were able to think with a more “level head”. This approach was deemed the cognitive therapy by Dr. Beck also known as cognitive behavior therapy. Other than Dr. Beck, Albert Ellis, Ph. D, developed the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (RBT) due to his feelings that the psychoanalytic approach was inadequate (History of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy). This theory is based on the idea that people are bothered and their behavior stems from their ideas. After Ellis, Maxie C. Maultsby, Jr., M.D. continued to develop RBT. He emphasized helping patients develop self-counseling skills through the use of rational thoughts, imagery, and…

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