Cognitive Test Anxiety And Academic Performance Essay

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Jerrell Cassady and Ronald Johnson in their research paper, “Cognitive test anxiety and academic performance”, presented the conclusions of some of the foundational research on test anxiety and discussed the results of a study they conducted on the topic. The authors began their paper by examining the different components, namely the emotionality and the cognitive component of test anxiety and their effects on a student 's performance. According to Cassady and Johnson, “the cognitive component of test anxiety is the factor most consistently found to be associated with declines in performance” (p.272). They cite many research papers and studies which show that the effects of test anxiety such as failing an exam are not necessarily due to “going blank” , but could in fact be the results of an inability to focus on the task at hand since “ “individuals with high levels of test anxiety are more likely to worry about the outcome of the test, compare their abilities to others, or dwell on the notion that they are not fully prepared for the exam”(p.273). After their review of the literature Cassady and Johnson discussed their investigation on 168 undergraduate volunteers. The students were required to complete surveys that measured their levels of emotionality and cognitive test anxiety. Performance was measured based on the students SAT scores, exam grades, and overall cumulative GPA. Cassady and Johnson found that “students with high levels of test anxiety were significantly…

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