Cognitive Psychology : Psychology My Sophomore Year Of High School

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I first became interested in cognitive neuroscience my sophomore year of high school. I had signed up for AP Psychology because I heard that it was a fun course. But a few months later, I delved into research about Phineas Gage, one of my favorite case studies of the course. Before taking Psychology, I would have classified myself as a biology person. So after years of learning how vital and how delicate the brain was, the fact Gage could survive after his accident was absolutely extraordinary. I soon became introspective after learning about his personality change. To what extent, for each of us, is our personality simply determined by our brain structure? Though logically I know that everything that defines us to some extent comes from our brains, that was the moment it set in for me. I always saw the mind as this ethereal concept, connected to the brain, but inherently different. And this is when his mind, and his personality, where able to change because of a brain injury. Does this mean concussions can slowly change a person’s attitude? Are contact sport players more likely to undergo a personality change throughout their life? To what extent do we not see these changes because of societal pressures to avoid change? After I began to ask these questions, I knew biology alone wouldn’t help me answer them. I became more interested in cognitive neuroscience, because I wanted to learn just how our thoughts get processed and just how dependent everything is on our…

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