Cognitive Psychology : Cognitive Disorders Essay

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Cognitive Psychological Disorders
A very important group of Psychology is known as the cognition, and also cognitive psychological disorders. Cognitive disorders are mental health disorders that mainly affect learning, perception, memory, and problem solving. Cognitive disorders mainly have to do with the brain and how it works. Cognitions also deal with a perception which leads to more and more different aspects of the mind. There are many different major disorders like Delirium, anxiety, and all sorts of personality disorders. Cognitive disorders are very serious and can reflect on how humans live their lives.
Delirium is one of the most cognitive most fatal and life threatening disorders that has to do with the mind. This disorder is explained by the small alternating changes in the mental status, with random thoughts, and strange levels of consciousness. People with delirium can have high levels of confusion, and small losses of memory, they will also have no idea where they are or what is happening around them. It is even possible for patients to be able to hear certain things that aren’t really there, but it could seem extremely real to them, like random sounds in walls or tables, and it is almost impossible for them to think clearly. Immediately getting treatment is the most important thing for someone with Delirium to get some sort of recovery. Delirium is mainly found in the weakest age of humans, at very young ages, or very old, or even people that are just sick.…

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