Essay about Cognitive Learning - Educational Psychology

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Cognitive psychology has long been an integral part of psychology. It has a direct impact on how educator’s look to improve the teaching and learning process. (Huitt 2006) Much research is done on how we process information. There have been numerous models created to help illustrate this process. Metacognition is also important to educators in it allows a learner to judge how well they are learning a particular subject. There are many ways that we process information. Theorists have developed models of information processing. These models are a cornerstone for education. They provide teachers with understanding of how their students retain the subject matter they are being taught. Metacognition is also important in
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There is a central executive in the working memory that helps us control attention, develop plans, retrieve, and integrate information. Short-term memory is a little different than working memory in that it is only is for storage and not processing. Long-term memory is said “to be the goal of teaching.” (Woolfolk 2007) Information that is well learned is permanently stored in our long-term memory. There are three main types of knowledge stored in our long-term memory: declarative, procedural, and conditional. Declarative knowledge is verbal information. Procedural knowledge is knowing how to do something and conditional knowledge is knowing when and why to use declarative and procedural knowledge. (Woolfolk 2007) Information processing is very important in the classroom. It is the job of the teacher to help their students’ process information and hopefully have it reach their long-term memory. If something is important for a student to know the teacher must capture the student’s attention. They can do this through the use of body language or vocal cues. Another option is to use handouts or other visual methods using the blackboard or overhead monitor. The teacher should help their students process the information they are giving them by presenting it in a logical order. It is also helpful to start out with easier concepts and then move onto more complex concepts. Teachers can also help their students relate the information to their

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