Cognitive Enhancing Drugs: Used Recklessly or Medically Recommended

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Cognitive Enhancing Drugs: Used Recklessly or Medically Recommended
Advances in cognitive drugs are generating exciting medication for many neurological diseases, which also have usage for people who don’t medically need treatment. This medicine can help the body and brain function better by modulating the motor and cognitive structures (Chatterjee, 2004). With this improved development, yields multiple possibilities to a healthy, functioning person’s system. But despite this new advancement, it raises many ethical concerns.
Numerous studies have conducted various pros and cons of this new found advancement based on the health, ability and risks of taking the medication. These drugs are known as cognition enhancers. They work on the
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Neuroscience-based enhancement involves intervening in a series of labyrinthine systems. We are therefore at a higher risk of unanticipated problems (Farah, 2012). Although the results of the medication are on point, it’s not in the best interests of the body to depend unnecessarily on drugs and pharmaceuticals.
Other than improving attention, a tremendous amount of study has gone into enhancing memory. Research has shown to be able to enhance or weaken memories at the patient’s consent. It could conceivably be used psychologically, to minimize harsh memories such as rape, war and disasters. It is said that people with PTSD could take propranolol and it would weaken the undesired memory, even if you suffered from it for years (Edmonds, 2009). People could decide which memories they wanted and which ones they didn’t, but that comes with responsibility and matureness. Yet there are issues surrounding cognitive enhancement organized into three groups: social, safety and philosophical (Farah, 2012). People’s lives would be dramatically influenced if we lived in a society with widespread enhancement, for those who do choose to use and who don’t. In school, sports and work places, competition to strive for the best would arise, and the only thing that could set people apart would be the cost for the medication, which would cripple the economic chain, but also people’s

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