Cognitive Development Reflection Paper

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As a teacher, the number one goal for my students is to see development. The main development that educators want to see is cognitive development. Cognitive development is more than filling student’s minds with facts, but the development of higher mental functions (WOOLFOLK 63). As a teacher, there are different principles of development that are crucial to keep in mind. They are that, people develop at different rates, development is relatively orderly, and development takes place gradually (WOOLFOLK 34). In order to teach to the best of my ability I must remember these principles and understand that some of my students may be at different levels when they enter the classroom and that it may because they learn at different rates. The ability …show more content…
Another aspect of the sociocultural perspective is the use of cultural tools such as technical and psychological. Vygotsky believed that these tools played a very important role in cognitive development (WOOLFOLK 58). While I agree with this belief I do hold hesitations with the technical tools. I feel that technical tools such as rulers and graph papers are essential tools that are needed to complete certain task, but in this day in age technology is playing a much larger role. Now many students have the access to computers, the internet, phones, and calculators. If these tools are used seldom I believe they are beneficial to cognitive development, such as math programs that are found on the internet that could be used during school or at home. However, if the students begin to rely on these technical tools it could harm their cognitive development. I once worked with a student on math homework which involved equations. One of the steps in the process of finding the answer was doing long division. The student appeared to be stumped on this question and pulled out his phone to use the calculator. If technical skills are taking away from the basic skills learned in education, then I wouldn’t consider them to be beneficial to cognitive development.

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