Reflective Essay: Digging Better In To My Personality

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Since I was young I always wanted the best for my family and myself. I am a hard-working and talented individual, who knows right from wrong in even the most intense situations. I am a football player, with the utmost passion and desire for the game. I am a father, who loves, cares, and provides for his family. And I am a student striving for greatness, and I have an introverted personality that most people greatly appreciate. I challenge myself with long and short term goals everyday, hoping to become a better person. Knowing who you are at your core is true personality. Values, goals, feelings, and behavior tendencies are all part of knowing who you are at your core. Digging deeper in to your personality is an outstanding way to find out who you really are; truly analyzing yourself. In this essay I will use three particular …show more content…
In my sensorimotor stage I was a very well behaved and an independent child. Most parents give their children pacifiers when they are at this age, usually to calm them down if they are upset. My mother said I never used a pacifier because I hardly ever cried. I believe that since my mother was already experienced in taking care of children when she had birth with me, she knew what I wanted at the exact times, and she provided with precision. This helped form me into the independent person I am today. Out of my four brothers, I had the highest GPA in high school and I am the only one of us to go to college. Our emotions are very different as well and I believe that has a lot to do with how you were raised in your sensorimotor stage. All three of my older brothers are very emotional compared to me. All three of them have anger issues that they cannot control which has caused them all to be in verbally abusive relationships. The sensorimotor stage is very influential on our emotions and

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