Cognitive Development : Children With Special Needs Essay

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Cognitive Observation 2

During the first twelve months of life newborns are initiating cause and effect. While, there is no such thing as two infants developing in exactly the same way, there are milestones that young children should reach by certain ages in order to determine growth. As they begin to relate to their immediate surroundings, infants initiate behaviors that establish cognitive development by way of their developing senses (hearing, taste, smell etc.). This is known as, the Sensorimotor Stage of Cognitive Development. According to the text book, Young Children with Special Needs, Sixth Edition, an infant’s earliest behaviors are “reflective in nature” (Hooper & Umansky, 311). They pay attention to repetition, are attracted to certain voices (e.g., mom, dad), and will reach towards sounds that their toys make. Also, babies are captivated by light or color and investigate objects by putting them in their mouth. Newborns start to sort out their world through recognizing certain routines, such as, feeding and being changed. As the weeks pass, babies will have an increased attention span and realize that they can trigger situations to occur that require primary circular reactions, that is, “A repeated action that has been done reflectively or by chance” (Hooper & Umansky, 313). Memory is an essential tool to cognitive growth. As indicated by, psychologist Jean Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Development, towards the end of the sensorimotor stage,…

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