Cognitive Development Ages 3 to 5 Essay

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Cognitive Development

Preschool children ages 3 - 5:

Cognitive development refers to the acquisition and use of thinking skills. It a child’s

increasing ability to think and reason, they are active participants in the learning process,

they are learning how to learn. Like scientists preschool children are curious about what

they observe, they ask questions, make predictions about what will happen and test their

ideas, they recall past experiences and apply what they know to new situations in order to

understand them. They are interested in cause and effect, sometimes they make

connections between what they have observed and what they have experienced even

though the ideas put together are not related.
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They cannot yet understand that the

wider with of the short glass compensates for the height of the taller one. It is important

to understand that preschool children are literal thinkers. Preschool children think in

concrete terms, therefore, they need concrete experiences in the learning environment.

They have a special need to experiment and discover things that can be related to their

own experiences and the world around

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