Cognitive Control And Self Control Essay

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The unit on self-control was very exciting because I learned ways how as a parent I might be able to help increase my child’s executive function, abstract thinking, cognitive control, and self-regulations. Reading Nurture Shock by Bronson gave me strategies that I can have my kid implement that would help him or her in the long run. The text talked about several programs funded by the government that were supposed to help children such as D.A.R.E., but most of them did not have a lasting effect. However, the author mentions one program that has been found to work and it is called Tools of the Mind. There are some strategies that the text talks about that as a parent I plan on using. These strategies are known as play hour, private speech, and having children evaluate their work.
Play hour is when one has their children plan their play. Parents have their children write down on how the children plan to play. This planning is done about one hour before their actual play. Depending on the age of the child, younger children would write some words but older children would write specific details about their plan for play. As parents, the book advises that they should have their children stick to their plan. Doing this when children are young will benefit them in the future. This will teach one’s children how to write a plan for how they will spend their time. Also, help teach a child how to be organized, prepare schedules, or how one can study for school. Therefore, as a parent,…

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