Essay about Cognitive Biopsychosocial Model Of Challenge And Threat

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Cognitive reappraisal is a technique in which individuals reevaluate a situation to determine whether their psychological resources meet the demands of the situation. The idea of cognitive reappraisal comes from the biopsychosocial model of challenge and threat (Blascovich, 2008). With this model, Seery (2011) states that individuals who perceive a situation as challenging believe their psychological resources meet or exceed those required to complete the task. Conversely, threat is determined to be the state in which an individual does not believe they have the cognitive resources to meet the demands of a task. Other research has shown that cognitive reappraisal can also affect an individual’s emotional response (Gross, 1998). Previous work has shown that reappraising a situation as challenging - positive reappraisal - improves both motor tasks and elicits a more positive emotional perception of the task. Therefore, employing positive cognitive reappraisal techniques should improve performance and produce positive emotional responses.
In previous work, Blascovich, Seery, Mugridge, Norris, and Weisbuch (2004) found that positive reappraisal of a stressful event induced better performance in the months following. However, a study conducted by Moore, Vine, Wilson, and Freeman (2012) found that cognitive reappraisal does have an immediate effect on performance. Stress stimulates the sympathetic-adrenal-medullary axis – a type of stress response that results in the…

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