Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Cognitive Therapy Essay example

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Anyone searching for psychological therapy has encountered the terms behavioral and cognitive therapy. Unfortunately, these terms can be complicated and one does not assume the other. Though these terms are frequently used interchangeably to separate them from traditional forms of therapy, there are important differences. In behavior therapy, “a group of techniques and based on learning principles that is used to change maladaptive behaviors” (384). In other words, the main focus is the manipulation of the external settings and physiological internal settings to generate behavior change. Cognitive therapy in contrast, “focuses on changing faulty thought processes and beliefs to treat problem behavior” (381). If one were to consider both behavior and cognitive therapies as opposing ends of a spectrum, then cognitive- behavioral therapy is somewhere in between. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in our textbook “is designed to reduce both self-destructive thoughts and self-destructive behavior” (382). So the best treatment for this case would be cognitive-behavioral therapy because it employs a combination of both cognitive and behavioral techniques.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a kind of psychotherapeutic treatment that assists patients to recognize the idea and feelings that control the behaviors. This kind of therapy is used to treat a wide variety of disorders, which involve phobias, addiction, depression and anxiety. This type of therapy is normally short term and…

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