Cognitive Behavior Therapy ( Cbt ) Essay examples

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Summary: This therapy is also known as Cognitive Behavioral Intervention. The therapy is the “instruction on management or control of cognitive processes that lead to changes in overt behavior.” (Wong, 2014) While this is not an explicit “educational” intervention it is needed because of the incidence of anxiety disorders in tandem with ASD. The rate of anxiety disorders in children age 13-18 years old is at 25.1% (NIMH, 2015). The average percentage estimated for high functioning individuals with ASD is between 47-84% (Sofronoff & Beaumont, 2009). Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a group based therapy that was developed in the 1960’s to help decrease anxiety among a broad range of Anxiety disorders. Cognitive Behavior Therapy used behavior modification strategies to improve anxiety disorders.

Target Skill Area: The purpose of Cognitive Behavior Therapy is to decrease the effects of anxiety disorders in those on the spectrum that lead to undesirable behaviors. This is intended to improve quality of life and functioning for those those affected with a secondary diagnosis of an anxiety disorder in addition to ASD. The therapy can address a variety of skills including “social, communication, behavior, cognitive, adaptive, and mental health outcomes.” (Wong, 2014)

Type of Learner: Higher functioning individual affected with ASD with a secondary diagnosis of any number of Anxiety disorders. This therapy has been found effective for “elementary school-age…

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