Cognitive And Social Development Of Children Essay

1831 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
Researches and many child development theorists suggests play to be an increasingly more varied and complex activity with significant influence on the physical, cognitive and social development of children (Kearns 2010). A balance between both types of play, structured and unstructured, can significantly benefit children in their development. Children attempt achieving pre-existing objectives set by an adult in structured play while establishing their own objectives in free/unstructured play (Pettersen 2013). Many researches have shown play to enhance children 's motor skills along with their physical well-being (Kearns 2010). In addition, many experiments conducted suggests that group play facilitate development of basic social skills including understanding and taking others ' perspectives into consideration, sharing and learning management and expression of different feelings and emotions, that is necessary for social interactions in adulthood (Gray 2011; Fiorelli & Russ). Some neural mechanism modifications are also induced by playing which result in enhanced cognition and social skills (Pellis et al. 2010; Pellis et al. 2014). Moreover, different types of play, especially dramatic and pretend play has shown to contribute to cognition development primarily in children’s divergent thinking, creativity and literacy/language (James et al. 1983). Literacy development is among many cognitive factors developed through play. For instance, numerous studies have…

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