Cognitive And Psychological Development Of A Baby 's Physical Development

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Children especially babies often do things that are funny or silly or make people laugh but their actions are not only for people’s entertainment as they put their feet in their mouths, they are developing, learning and changing. When observing an infant of seven months one can learn a great deal about their development and how complex each motion and action is. I observed several key concepts of the physical, cognitive, psycho-social and psycho-emotional development of an infant. Each of these areas of development is linked to theories of development and to relevant research regarding each area of growth.
Physical Development An important part of a baby’s physical development is learning how to move as well as how to use certain body parts. The infant that was observed was developing her gross and fine motor skills. According to Berger (2014), gross motor skills are “physical abilities involving large body movements” and fine motor skills are “physical movements involved small body movements, especially of the hands and fingers” (pp.145-146). The infant was constantly trying to move somewhere and touch objects; the child would go from a laying position, to a sitting position to crawling on the floor. The baby enjoyed trying to move her body back and forth, scooting herself back and forth on the floor, once even ending up with her legs under the couch. She also was delighted to practice walking with someone holding her hands while she took steps that were too big for her.…

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