Cognitive And Behavioral Intervention Strategies Essay

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Cognitive and behavioral intervention strategies are used collectively by cognitive behavior therapist to address clients’ presenting needs. Collaborating, formulation, Socratic dialogue and homework are key factors that effectively influence the delivery of cognitive behavior therapy model. After the initial assessment is completed, clinicians select appropriate intervention strategies to identify how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the client are consistent. These intervention strategies employed may depend upon the clients’ presenting issues, treatment model, and abilities. However, the interventions are an alliance of both the therapist and client (Weaver, Himle, Steketee & Muroff, 2014). One of the first notions of cognitive behavior therapy model is cognitive restructuring. The cognitive behavior therapy model’s purpose is to replace the negative thoughts and patterns of the client. These ideas now become conclusive, suitable, and adaptive. Through observation and limitation, the client learns from the leader and members of the group. The cognitive behavior group therapy model focuses on the here and now and helps the clients look at how to perceive and understand what these perceptions have on their emotional psychopathy. Yalom states that group therapy associated with specific mechanisms of change (Yalom, 1995). These mechanisms of change also represent group process factors. The cognitive behavior group therapy serves a motivator for the…

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