Coffee Plant Research Paper

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Coffee plants require constant application of nutrition for better yield and quality beans. Sixteen elements with are essential for the development and growth of a healthy coffee plant. These are categorized into two, macronutrients and micronutrients. Macro nutrients are further categorized as Primary and Secondary nutrients. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium constitute the primary nutrients as large amounts are required by the coffee plant. The development and growth of the plants depends on the sufficient amount of the respective nutrients and the crop is limited by the nutrients which are in short supply. A balanced application of minor and major nutrients will result in two main function, namely production of good crop and also production …show more content…
Though the placement of fertilizers (pegging) is very efficient in terms of utilization, the process is laborious and time consuming. Therefore, simple method of application is suggested as under. Remove the mulch under the plant canopy leaving one foot circle around the main stem. Slightly disturbing the soil in the de-mulched area with forks. Broadcasting fertilizer uniformly and evenly in this area and reworking the soil. Cover again with the removed mulch. This method is very efficient and it avoids volatilization and washing away of nutrients. In steep areas, fertilizers will be applied in semi arch form on the upper side of the stem down the slope.
Potassium is another element which is essential for the fruit setting, bean filling, maturation and hardening of the beans. It improves the vigour and the pest and disease tolerance of the plants. Phosphorus is needed for the healthy and strong development of roots and shoots.
Nitrogen is the most important plant nutrient and plants need it throughout the year. Nitrogen helps in the development of new shoots and berries. Nitrogen also helps in the production of large number of flowers and retention of leaves for a longer time. Adequately nitrogen supplied plants produce dense beans of higher

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