Coffee Paper Coffee Experiment

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Register to read the introduction… 9.     Place the coffee filter paper with upside down and making sure that the spots are not touching or below the water level.
10.     Allow the water to rise on the paper until it is about a centimeter from the center of the paper.
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This are all the procedures for this experiment.
While the experiment was taking place first it would not come out right. About the first three times the experiment did not come out right. Finally the fourth time the experiment was successful. I had finally seen the different colors in the coffee paper. Seeing that I kept messing up it did take me along time to see some results.
1.)     what was the shape of the separated colors? Explain why.
The answer to this question is the shape of the colors was zig zag going up the coffee paper.

2.)if the colors didn’t separate completely. What could be changed to improve separation?
If the colors different separate I believe you could add more salt to help spread the colors.

3.)if the 2 spots you applied separated into colors that were the same. What did you notice regarding these colors?
What I notices was that when they separated they had the same colors in them.

4.) why did you make the spots you as small as possible?
I made the spots small as possible because the smaller I made them the faster and the more they

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