Coffee Is The World 's Most Valuable Legally Traded Commodity

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Over the years, coffee has become the world’s most valuable legally traded commodity, second only to oil. Shortly after its unique and beneficial attributes were discovered, coffee has spread readily around most parts of the world. As demand for this beverage grew, so did its need for cultivation, and agriculture of coffee beans began to spread with its popularity in regions of the world where climate allows for such growth. As with many other commodities in the world, the popularity of coffee in certain regions tends to change depending on the political and economic circumstances at that time.
While the means of initial discovery of coffee is unknown, it is rumored that the beans were first noticed in the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia. The beans were discovered at about the 7th century by a goatherd named Kaldi, who noticed that his goats would eat the strange berries and become highly energized, and would not sleep for most of the night afterwards. Out of curiosity, Kaldi tried the berries for himself, and noticed he soon became very focused and awakened for several hours. Astounded by his findings, the goatherd then brought the beans to the nearby monastery, and the monks quickly grew an appreciation for their ability to help them keep focused and alert during their long hours of prayer (Turkish Coffee World). By spread of mouth, popularity of the beans quickly reached the Arabian Peninsula.
After reaching the Arabian Peninsula, popularity spreading came to a short pause,…

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