Investigating Chemical Reactions

Chemical reaction are a part of every ones life there no dening it this fact. But is there a way to increase these reations and make processed like reasperation and metablolism faster. That is exactly what cofactors are beleived to do, increasing the rate of reaction. In this experirment lactase, ONPG, EDTA, and phosphate buffer are used to determine wether or not cofactors really increase the rate of chemical reation. To measure the reaction a spectrometer will be used.
Scientific Paper Introduction
The smallest unit of life is the cell. Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs and organs make up organ system which make up organisms. Organisms are made up of millions of cells and these cells pretty much run all function of the body. But to function and live these cells need to acquired energy and they do it through chemical reactions called cellular respiration, if it is an animal cell, or photosynthesis, if it is a
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The cuvette with the quickest and most absorpion was number four. Cuvette 4 was had the solution with the most Phosphate buffer and the least amount of EDTA. Cuvette three, which had a equal amount of Phosphate buffer and EDTA, had the lowest absobtion rate out of the four expirmental groups. Finally there was cuvette two and one. The results for both these two groups had very similar results. Cuvette one had a largert absobtion than cuvette two at the start, but only by a little bit. Then it switched at the end, cuvette two have a more absobtion than cuvette one, but once again only by a small amount.

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