Cody : The Oldest Sibling Of The Tull Family Essay

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Cody Tull, the oldest sibling of the Tull family, took it the hardest when coming into terms with his father 's departure. Being that he is headstrong, a trait that displays itself in everything he does, Cody found it difficult to let go of the past. Instead, he spent time dwelling on and blaming himself and others, especially his father and brother, for the abandonment of his father, inability to keep girls, and mothers abuse, among his other miseries. Throughout his life, he had not known how to communicate his feelings, his cold mother only making it harder, thus proceeded to bottle it up and let out those frustrations on his brother. Later in life, despite resenting his father, Cody subconsciously took after him, following his father’s lead of being work-oriented and time-obsessed, which can also in part be credited to the lack of control and family influence he had in his childhood. When finally getting an explanation from his father for the first time since the age of fourteen, Cody seemed to have found the peace he had needed because after the confrontation, Cody began to see things in a different, more positive and hopeful, light.

Ezra Tull is the middle child and favorite of the Tull family mother, Pearl. It is because of this, that bitterness from Ezra’s older brother, Cody, started to root, a feeling that lasted through adulthood. One thing that Ezra yearned for was a functional, normal family; and this is apparent through the numerous times he…

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