Codes For The Hospital 's Environment For All Employees, Patients, And Visitors

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Codes allow a hospital to create a solid framework, which will ultimately provide safety for everyone inside the hospital.
a. Procedures and codes ensure clear expectations on how to function in the hospital’s environment for all employees, patients, and visitors.
i. Sometimes, clear expectations are not always clear for visitors, patients, and employees. ii. For example, if the expectations is said that all employees are not to use cell phones during work hours, but the employer did not reprimand, or there were no signs posted for no phone usage. iii. The unclear expectations needs to be corrected, and changed frequently to guarantee the safety of all people inside the hospital.
b. The clear expectations codes provide allow everyone in the hospital to understand and follow what is anticipated from them.
i. If there were no codes no one would understand how to function as a safe individual in a hospital. ii. For example, if there were no codes a doctor would not know how to properly talk to a patient about their medical results, and this could result in a doctor breaking the patient’s autonomy.
c. A hospital with codes can provide a unified boundaries for all people who enter their doors.
i. When codes are in place everyone can be treated in the same manner, because the codes are a set of boundaries that must be followed due to law.
1. For example, codes create a standard level of care for all patients to be treated the same as other patients, except during…

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