Codes For A Password Authentication System Essay

1856 Words Apr 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Acar, T., Belenkiy, M., & Küpçü, A. (2013). Single password authentication. Computer Networks, 57(13), 2597-2614. doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2013.05.007

This qualitative analysis illustrates the authors’ proposed protocols for a password authentication system requiring the user to remember only one login and password. Their protocols would allow access to either a cloud server or mobile device to handle all authentication needs. They analyze how the protocols would be resistant to online dictionary attacks, phishing schemes, cross-site impersonation, and honeypot attacks. They acknowledge that in order to implement their protocols they would need support from large organizations like Microsoft or Google, but they feel confident the code implementation could be easily achieved. This article is definitely written for experts in the cyber security field as it is full of terminology recognizable only to them. Still, the authors approach the issue of password reuse from a not too often used direction. Instead of viewing users negatively, they work to simplify the user burden by creating where they remember only one password. There are drawbacks, though. It is unlikely that competitors like Microsoft and Google will agree on a single protocol. Additionally, if users only have one password and that password is compromised, then the attackers would have access to everything related to the user. While their security protocols may be terrific, no protocol can defend against…

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