Essay on Code of Ethics

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I do not come from a family line of nurses. My sister and myself are the only two that chose the profession. I always knew from an early age this is what I wanted for my life. Being a nurse challenges me every shift. Each time I walk into the hospital it is something new. I learn everyday whether it is a new skill or something about myself that I never knew. There is some much more to nursing than taking a blood pressure and handing out a couple pills each night. I love that I can make a difference being a nurse whether it is helping a patient find comfort in a difficult time or even if it is assisting someone to the bathroom. No one likes feeling ill or being in pain in a strange place. Having a nurse that can make you feel safe can …show more content…
The patient has the right to decide what they want without feeling judged. Everyone should practice this code and not just in a nursing setting.
Provision 3: “The nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient.” When your health is not well feeling safe is the most important thing for a peace of mind. Knowing that you can trust your health care professionals can make you feel that much more at ease and focus on the main part, getting better. I feel as though I make it a priority in my profession to make each and every patient feel safe. Whether it is cleaning a clutter room or not sharing a patient personal health chart with others. I feel as though practicing this provision helps with building a trust in your patients and their families. Keeping patients safe can also mean practicing your institution’s policies and procedures. This is one of the main reasons that I want to better my nursing degree and improve myself as a nurse.
There are many things that keep me in this career. One is the excitement each shift. I feel as though I go into work each day saying “I accept the challenge”. I love walking out those doors in the morning knowing that I did all I could to help someone. I think knowing that family members can go home with ease knowing that I will take care and keep their family safe for them. My personal goals for my career are to be a

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