Code Red Drill Research Paper

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Studies have shown that the majorities of all the school shootings are tragic because that they can't defend themselves. Some agent has shown that the reason people target school is that they are a “Gun Free Zone” I believe that this is why that we should run the code red drills.

I have researched about the previous school shootings and that one class survived because that they forgot to take the code red cover off the window and the shooter bypassed the class. This can prove that code red drills are really useful. This somehow maybe true, because many schools don't take the code red drill seriously, and some schools take it too far. The schools that take it too far are mainly the wrong one, such as, a school hired a shooter shooting blank
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I researched about some students who are being pushed around in school and planned to turn the gun on them in school. Most these shooters ended up subsiding before the police arrive. I feel like a big solution to this problem is to stop bullying in school that causes depression and anger.

A lot of people will complain that we never have a code red situations. Well, it is correct because most of these situations are really rare with people having some medical issues on dealing with depression. The reason this happens is, because of the school's lack of security with people not having securities around campus. My idea is to have stationary police outside of school campus, but not in the school. This way when something tragic happens they're always something to rely on and might help with the other crimes like drugs and bad behavior.

I interviewed my older sister about these problems going on and she said that the code red drills should be able to work if they run more often throughout the school year because she thinks that majority of the people forget how the drill goes again. I also asked my parents about the schools who were shooting blanks in school and having fake dead people with blood is a good idea to do. Of course being a protective parent they said no and the worst part about it is having fake dead

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